International Customs

International Customs Lawyers of Azim ud din law associate provide comprehensive and responsive Customs law counseling on GATF Valuation, Tax Fraude, Misdeclarations, TRIPS violations and other Regulatory violations.

Bills of Exchange and Banker’s Documentary Credits

Bills of Exchange play very important role in commercial credit agreements. The UCP 600 explains many facets of such credits documents, yet the businesses are confronting problems of payments. The attorneys at the firm are specially trained in these areas so as advice the clients and to represent them before appropriable forums.

General Litigation

The firm’s litigators have extensive experience representing contractors, subcontractors, building owners and architects in a wide variety of matters, including drafting of contracts and counseling on litigation avoidance. They also provide representation before courts as well as alternative dispute resolution forums in connection with litigation or claims arising out of the construction process, including breach of contract claims and lien claims.

Capital Markets

The Capital Market lawyers at Azim ud Din Law Associate provide comprehensive and responsive securities law counseling for corporations, investment bankers and municipalities. Our services cover every aspect of the securities laws in today’s rapidly changing financial and business environment. The firm represents its clients in all phases of the capital markets process, from private placements to initial public offerings to going private transactions.

Corporate Finance

The firm’s Corporate Finance team provides practical, creative and cost-effective advice and solutions to corporate, banking and investor clients. The team matches corporate aspirations with the finance to achieve them, efficiently bringing transactions to completion to the client's best advantage. The team assists clients with:

  • Raising development finance & venture capital
  • Deal origination
  • Debt and mezzanine finance
  • Refinancing
  • Succession planning
  • Banking & security work
  • Employee benefit, share option & incentive schemes
International Arbitration

Azim ud Din Law Associate’s International Arbitration Group is widely recognized as pre-eminent in the field of international arbitration. The firm has extensive experience before all major arbitral institutions and arbitration rules. The experience includes:

• International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

• American Arbitration Association (AAA)/ International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR)

• London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA)

• Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC)

• UNCITRAL Rules arbitrations

Firm’s attorneys are widely and extensively attracted as local experts to disputes arising under international law and investment treaties. Firm’s lawyers have been involved in arbitrations, as well as in investor-State arbitrations in other fora. The firm possesses experienced dispute resolution specialists in a wide range of industry sectors, including aviation, aerospace, chemicals, construction, communications, electricity, manufacturing, media, mining, oil & gas, real estate development and telecommunications. The firm regularly provides counsel on drafting dispute resolution provisions, on the enforcement of arbitral awards, and on alternative methods of dispute resolution, such as mediation.


In addition to the filing and prosecution of applications for copyright registration on publications, software, audiovisual materials and a variety of other copyrightable works, the firm has also dealt with complex legal issues involving interactive software and electronic databases, copyright ownership and protection of copyright rights in foreign countries. The firm’s intellectual property attorneys have prepared publishing agreements, software licenses and end-user agreements for authors and publishers in fields ranging from music and the arts to education and construction. The firm has prosecuted and defended copyright claims in the courts and has also obtained favorable resolution, in litigation and by settlement, for clients that have been accused of copyright violations.


The firm’s trademark attorneys represent clients in all facets of trademark law, counseling clients from the moment they begin to develop a product or service that requires trademark identification, through the processes of clearance, registration and protection. The firm offers clients guidelines in the proper use of trademarks and service marks.

The firm’s attorneys are experienced in evaluating information obtained from these sources as well as from traditional trademark search firms and guiding clients with opinions as to availability of trademark and service mark adoption and use, and registration. The firm also handles prosecution of state trademark and service mark registrations. The firm also handles foreign matters for clients, including trademark prosecution, oppositions and policies and reviews various international watch services for its clients. The firm’s Intellectual Property lawyers are experienced in drafting trademark licensing agreements covering services and goods offered under a mark. Attorneys also draft franchising agreements and disclosure documents complying with state and federal laws in connection with the franchising of clients’ marks.

Labour and Employment Law

The firm’s employment practice includes collective bargaining, employment counseling and litigation, wrongful discharge litigation, union avoidance and a broad variety of other labor and employment law areas, as described more fully below. Ranging across this spectrum of the law, the firm’s attorneys have broad experience in the manufacturing, construction, transportation, retail, health care, airline, food, telecommunications, to name but a few.

Firm’s attorneys counsel clients on personnel policy development and sensitive individual employment decisions, with a view toward enhancing employee relations and productivity, while minimizing litigation risks. The firm is regularly called upon by clients to review employee handbooks and personnel policies and procedures for their impact on potential wrongful discharge, equal employment and other claims. The proven employment law experience of the firm thus provides depth and breadth in substantive law as well as industry background. The firm’s approach to employee relations is involved and progressive.

Tax and Estate Planning

Due to the complexity and constantly changing nature of the tax laws, the tax aspects of almost every type of business and personal transaction require scrutiny by a tax attorney. At the firm this experience is provided by the members of the tax group, each of whom has had substantial practical experience in resolving tax problems. In addition to advising the firm’s business clients with respect to the tax issues involved in the everyday operation of a corporation, limited liability company, partnership or sole proprietorship.

The firm’s tax attorneys plan for and provide advice on the tax aspects of taxable and nontaxable acquisitions of business entities, mergers, recapitalizations, the organization and liquidation of entities, taxable and nontaxable sales and exchanges of assets, foreign operations, redemptions, distributions and the public and private offering of securities.

Tax-Exempt Entities

Through representation of clients of the firm not-for-profit practice, tax group members have developed substantial knowledge in the various tax issues encountered by tax-exempt entities. Such issues include qualification for exempt status, unrelated business income tax issues, private foundation rules and restrictions, joint ventures with taxable entities. Through the firm’s experience in these and other tax-exempt entity issues, the firm ensures that its clients’ exemptions are preserved as they engage in various business transactions and that the variety of income and excise tax issues associated with exempt status and private foundation status are considered and properly treated.

Joint Ventures

Firm has extensive experience of providing advice to parties collaborating in joint ventures. This includes the drafting and negotiation of all of the key documentation, joint venture agreements, articles of association, secondment agreements, outsourcing agreements and the whole range of ancillary documentation.